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May 2018

Repatriation of corporation foreign funds, tax cuts, mergers and acquisitions (at a record setting pace), and growing consumer confidence have received short shrift in the media, as 24/7 news competition appears to dictate the he said/she said Mueller, Rosenfeld, Trump, et al brouhaha.

Like the ominous grey cloud over the hapless cartoon character Joe Btfsplk from Li’l Abner, negative ‘Breaking News’ seems to always be there.

Big deal! On the bright side summer appears to be arriving (Spring was last Tuesday) and ACHOO! the green pollen layer on my car’s hood is slowly disappearing. Kids on bikes and skateboards weave through the neighborhood, several while on smart phones (scary!).

In the meantime the news in the world of finance is good. As a result of the positive factors italicized above, many companies have accelerated their rate of dividend increases while initiating stock buy-backs, both enhancing their potential for a growing dividend income stream and appreciation potential. These are the companies on which we place our acquisition/ownership emphasis.

We’ll watch your investments: you enjoy the season. As Julie Andrews sang in Camelot,
     “It’s May! It’s May! The Merry Month of May!”

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