Common questions about Saint Louis Investment Advisors

Contact dramey@slia.com or call 888.810.1114. If you have questions, we’ll do our best to answer.

For our full-time comprehensive investment services the fee is 1.5%. Review and advice for new investors with limited investable assets are adjusted. Our free, one hour review will help determine whether our services are appropriate for your needs and account size. We have investment methods for helping smaller investors and those just getting started. If what we do is not appropriate for you we will offer guidance in finding an alternative.

No, because we are independent-not a part of any brokerage-you are free to choose the broker, full service or discount, through whom your transactions are executed.

Yes. We have extensive experience providing investment management for trusts, including eleven years as Senior Vice President for Investments at a multi-bank holding company.

Absolutely, that’s an important part of our service. We are also available to assist your attorney or other advisors.

First, you receive a transaction notice from the broker; second, we provide detailed, clear, monthly reports and a cover letter addressing investment related matters; third, you have direct access to us. Call or come in to get your questions answered by the manager who works for you.
We don’t use a model. There is no one-size-fits-all model. Because your situation, needs, risk tolerance, et. al., are uniquely yours, we customize your investment portfolio.