This month’s letter will be a tad bit different. Unlike the typical media sources that are focusing on negative news stories about the latest Covid-19 and the latest political drama designed to drive a wedge between the parties, we prefer to focus on the things that are right with our country. As we begin 2022, we have adopted a new slogan for the new year here at Saint Louis Investment Advisors: Think Positive, but Test Negative.

I would also like to pay tribute to the man who started this firm back in 1985, Clark Davis. I joined SLIA in the summer of 2005 from a regional boutique broker/dealer. I was introduced to Clark by a mutual friend in the business and was subsequently offered a position as a Money Manager (Fiduciary in today’s terminology) based on our similar philosophies on investing, risk aversity, and always putting the client first.

It didn’t take long to realize I was working with someone special. Clark not only has a brilliant mind, but he truly cares about people. He had developed his own proprietary stock evaluation system that we still use today. Over the years of mentoring, his way of thinking became my way of thinking. One of the greatest compliments ever paid to me was by Clark’s late wife Linda, she said “It’s no wonder you chose Doug, you and he are almost the same person.”

Fast forward fifteen plus years to 2022, and Clark has decided to take some well-deserved time to celebrate and enjoy the life he has built for himself and his family. But don’t worry, he will continue to grace us with his knowledge and bad jokes because he has agreed to stay on as a part-time consultant and monthly letter author. If you see him around town, make sure to take time and thank him for all that he has done.

Before this letter gets too long (I know… too late) and too mushy, I want to wrap it up by saying “Thank You, Clark” for all the years of thoughtful mentoring, gentle guidance (sometimes not so gentle), and friendship. I will do everything I can to continue his legacy, and his daily presence will be missed.