Here come the pundits with predictions galore. It’s that time again, when turning the corner into a new year brings out the prognosticators. Where will the Dow be? What will be the best performing stock? Will the Fed raise interest rates? Will Trump be impeached?

Who, what, when, why are all to be littering the media. Funny how a change in a number (Holy Cow it’s 2020!) calls for such reading of the runes, tea leaves, tarot cards, etc. The fortunes or misfortunes of corporations don’t change dramatically at 12:01 a.m. January 1st. So all the blather is going to do is add to the financial information overload. The Great American Companies in which we invest for you will remain on track to increase their dividends, thereby increasing your income, what many have done for decades. That will happen regardless of the Fed’s actions or the Impeachment imbroglio or even if the Cardinals trade Carpenter.

What has really changed is the calendar. It’s not as though everyone and everything has a new start—a starting at the beginning. Just went to sleep one night, as usual, and woke up as usual, but to a different year.

What’s most important about a new year? Continuity. From a personal standpoint it is reflected, not in the quote that “You only live once,” but in the quote that “You only die once, you live every day”—so enjoy it and spend each moment with purpose.

Let us know if you have any concerns or questions.