We wrote last month about the anecdotal evidence of declining unemployment and the plethora of help wanted signs we see daily. Add to that bit of info the sign posted at the Taco Bell drive through.

We were driving by Taco Bell and were surprised at the lack of a line at the drive through. (”Wow, can’t pass up the opportunity to get a burrito without a long wait!”) The absence of a line, normally a multiple car backup, was explained by the sign as we drove in:

Further evidence that for many lesser-skilled workers Pandemic funds and benefits are greater than those available from working. Topsy-Turvey, indeed!

As the Covid-19 vaccination campaign moves inexorably toward America reaching herd immunity (sounds like we’re cattle—you think so, too?), and our long-awaited return to our pre-covid lives. A friend told us the other day that, “I’ve been covered. Got three shots: two for Covid and one tequila to celebrate!”

We know there are so very many of us eager to celebrate being able to gather with family and friends, to be able to share hugs and stories, to try to fill in the void of being unable to be with a loved one during a final illness. If documented in a journal there would need to be an asterisk next to the period 2020-2021* which would be explained in a foot note, *Period of Covid-19 Pandemic.

The markets have continued as a discounting mechanism, looking 6 to 9 months forward to where the economy is expected to be, just as it did months ago in anticipating the strong and growing economy we are currently experiencing. We see no reason for that to not continue but are mindful of the possibilities for negative influences. Any indication of higher levels for interest rates or inflation are being closely monitored—so far, so good. And, of course, Congress, with its profligate spending (‘Got a problem? Money will fix it.’) remains under suspicion and surveillance, as the dueling parties vie for control, unwilling to face the incredible debt hole that is being dug deeper.