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October 2021

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Wow! We didn’t anticipate this: several folks have requested that we leave the First Annual Shred Week open longer to allow their friends and relatives to take advantage of it, so it’s being extended through October 15th. Got things to shred?
Bring ‘em on!

Of six blouses/tops I ordered for my friend for Christmas presents, three were ‘no longer available,’ two are ‘on backorder,’ and one (the least interesting color) was available, although they sent the wrong size*. That is not the only incident of merchandise shortage we have experienced. The TV image of the cargo ships, mostly from China, anchored offshore because of the unavailability of dock workers to unload them, tells the story. If there’s a moral to this anecdote it is this: get your Christmas shopping done early. (I intend to, so I don’t have to fall back on the last-minute Gift Card bail-out present.)

October has the reputation of being the worst performing month for the stock markets. It all began in 1929 (no, we weren’t around then), and followed on an irregular pattern that included the market maelstrom of 1987 (yes, we were around for that one). But poor old October gets a bad rap. Percentage moves down and the frequency of such moves, are the hallmarks of September, the month that we just completed without any market disasters. (Not to dismiss any perceived or actual damaging actions from the common-sense devoid minions in Washington, the ones who add real scariness to Halloween month.)

We will soon be reviewing accounts for possible year-end tax saving moves we can affect to limit, or eliminate, each client’s tax liability. Please let us know this month if you have any gains or losses from transactions from assets not managed by us.

A comment from a very good friend that we find particularly meaningful considering Covid-19 created hardships and losses for so many:

“It is not true that you only live once. You only die once—you live every day—be kind and make the most of it.”

Life is good.

*Hint: Based on our years of experience, we suggest that any attire a man purchases for a wife/significant other be in a size smaller than she normally wears. Your explanation to her calls for little imagination.

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