April 2021

When we leave here at day’s end, the most direct route home passes a steady array of business with signs announcing, We’re Hiring: anecdotal evidence that’s consistent with the national employment numbers. So, the social constraints of Covid-19 are easing, as the number of vaccinated is growing steadily, signaling, we trust, that the end of […]

March 2021

“Beware the Ides of March!” You gotta be kidding. Bring it on. We survived the Ides of February and are ready to tackle whatever comes our way. The weather reminded us that Mother Nature can be capricious and unpredictable. She (can I still use that pronoun in this ‘cancel culture’?) had no sympathy for the […]

February 2021

Food For Thought? The quote for this month’s irrational behavior by naïve amateur traders trying to “Stick it to the Big Boys:” Even more than a bumpy night, for many of the inexperienced newbies it is going to be a very expensive learning experience. Shorting stocks is not new, just a recent media discovery (“Look […]

January 2021

“The market is going down!” “The market is going up!” That’s absolutely correct—both are correct—but when will either happen? What’s next? To quote Macbeth from that eponymous play, “Ah, there’s the rub!” The expectation, frequently reinforced by the Federal Reserve, that interest rates, as well as inflation, will remain low for some time, augurs well […]

December 2020

We’ll present our outlook for the coming year in our letter to you after the holidays.In the meantime, let’s set aside the swirl of the daily news and reflect on the values of family, friends, and faith, and appreciate and enjoy them. We wish you the joys of the season.

November 2020

The ‘long count’ of Election 2020 is not the first ‘long count.’ The first, the origin of the expression ‘long count,’ aka ‘the long count battle,’ was the 1927 boxing match between Tunney and Dempsey, the latter failing, either because he was unaware or in defiance of the neutral corner rule before a referee would […]

October 2020

“One thing that stands out about this pitcher,” announced the color commentator during the call to the bullpen, “is he keeps the ball in the strike zone.” No sooner said than the pitcher gets the sign from Yadi, nods approval, and sends the ball sailing three feet over the batter’s head and to the screen. […]

September 2020

Ah, for the good old days of the circuses of the political conventions. “The honorable state of delirium, home of the best peach preserves and burial place of the former commissioner of cosmetics, places its vote for the nomination of our next President, Senator Alphonse Foghorn!” Declared to be open conventions that theoretically allowed competitors […]

August 2020

Watching a Cardinal game with cardboard people in the stands and piped in fan sounds is not tripping my trigger, However, the other night I took a break from reading, put my book down and, idly curious, started to check a few channels. Holy hirsute! The House of David playing the Cards? Nah, just the […]

July 2020

We’ve written before how we encourage investors to think not of being a ‘stockholder’, but rather in terms of having passive ownership of companies. Our client, Carla, took it one step further with her experience at Destin Commons in Florida. Here’s how she described it to us: “It was a nice day, so after I […]