February 2022

During several conversations I have had recently, after discovering my career choice I often hear some version of this question from people: “With inflation at its highest in 40 years and Covid-19 worries still looming,” or “Now that the Fed is raising rates and we have had four weeks of losses to start the year,” […]

January 2022

This month’s letter will be a tad bit different. Unlike the typical media sources that are focusing on negative news stories about the latest Covid-19 and the latest political drama designed to drive a wedge between the parties, we prefer to focus on the things that are right with our country. As we begin 2022, […]

December 2021

As we have worked together over the years it has been human nature to get to know each other better. For you it is probably obvious that we enjoy laughing at humor of all kinds, including cringe creating puns. Nowhere is it written that the Joy and Seriousness of the Christmas season precludes sharing jokes, […]

November 2021

I was watching CNBC obliquely, interested more in having background sound in the room than in capturing any investing news, when my granddaughter asked, “Why are they talking about cartoons on that program?” “Cartoons?” I asked.“They said ‘Aristocats,’ you know, the cartoon about the fancy cats!”A mis-heard word and off we were on an explanation […]

October 2021

Wow! We didn’t anticipate this: several folks have requested that we leave the First Annual Shred Week open longer to allow their friends and relatives to take advantage of it, so it’s being extended through October 15th. Got things to shred?Bring ‘em on! Of six blouses/tops I ordered for my friend for Christmas presents, three […]

September 2021

From one of our trusted research sources: It is being reported by the prominent political paper The Hill that “big Washington lobbyists have already succeeded in greatly watering down Biden’s tax plans, and perhaps eliminating their chances. Evidently lobbyists have done very well at getting middle of the road Democrats to turn against Biden’s tax […]

August 2021

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Ok, we agree with the anonymous ‘they’ when they say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch; however, we assure you this free offer is truly free. Unlike the proverbial lunch it can’t be eaten but never-the-less Is perhaps usable by you. We will be […]

July 2021

Let’s take a pause from discussing investments to consider the significance of the founding of this, the country that we love. What follows comes from Richard, a great friend of long standing: “This weekend we celebrate not only one of the greatest and most important days in the history of the USA, but also one […]

June 2021

“Damn, have you seen the price of lumber?” Our friend Dan asked over a beer after work last week. He went on to tell me how much it cost him to replace the deck on his house, which in turn led to more examples of inflation and another beer. We even covered what causes inflation, […]

May 2021

We wrote last month about the anecdotal evidence of declining unemployment and the plethora of help wanted signs we see daily. Add to that bit of info the sign posted at the Taco Bell drive through. We were driving by Taco Bell and were surprised at the lack of a line at the drive through. […]